In the top left corner, you will see an edit button.  Press the edit button.  If you are not within an eligible week of the year, you will be redirected to a coach when you select this button.  

Once you enter the balance chart builder view, you will be able to select the building block.  Below each building block, there will be a number that represents the total number of S.M.A.R.T. habits that have been selected within that building block.

Select the level of habit that you would like to add to your lifestyle.  The next row underneath the building blocks represent the different levels of S.M.A.R.T. Habits.  These levels are the same as the ‘levels of play’ (See FAQ’s) for each player.  However, you can be a beginner level player and choose advance or pro level S.M.A.R.T. Habits.   The number next to the level of S.M.A.R.T. Habit represents the number of habits in the building block that is within that level.  

The Total Score represents the sum total of all the points that a player is aiming for each week.  The number is arrived at by adding up the selected frequency for each habit chosen multiplied by the value of each habit.  For Example, if I choose an Advance habit for Breath that has a value of 6pts and I select a frequency of 10 times per week, then the total number of points added to my Total Score would be an additional 60pts (6pts x 10 = 60pts).  

Press the drop-down arrow next to the category of interest and select a S.M.A.R.T. habit.  Once you select a habit, select the type of frequency.  Multiple times Daily (MTD) is for habits that you would like to log several times a day like drinking 10oz of water.  One Time Daily (OTD) is for habits that you would like to log only one time per day like going to bed by 10:30p.  Once you select the type of frequency then choose the total number of times that you would like to implement the habit within a weekly period.  For Example, if you would like to drink 10oz of water 5x per day for 7 days then you would select 10oz of water,  Multiple times Daily and 35x per week (5x per day multiplied by 7 days per week equals a weekly total of 35 times).  The number next to the name of the category represents the number of habits chosen within that category.  

Press save and continue on to the next category or building block.   

Once you have completed all 7 building blocks, press the magic button.  This will allow you to select the number of ‘Magical Moments’ (See FAQ’s) that you are playing for each week.  Once you select a number of Magical Moments then press save.  Note: The number of Magical Moments is not part of your Balance Score. 

Press the Activate button in the top right corner of the view.  Your Balance Chart is live and ready to be played.

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