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The YourDay Balance Game (YDBG) focuses on Habits and Playing

When the health of your habits are powerful enough to create joy each and everyday in the face of circumstances.

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What is The YDBG?

A health and fitness game inspired by love and balance

HealthThe first four letters of Health are H.E.A.L. Healing is all about learning how to detox quicker than you intox.

FitnessFitness involves being at your ideal weight, strength training your muscles, conditioning your lungs for optimal cardio and stretching your body to remain open and flexible.

LoveCultivating deep intimate relationships with yourself, others and life is essential to enjoying your experiences in life.

BalanceUnderstand how to live a principle-centered life is key. Learning how to return back to your center moment to moment is the key to sustainability.

The 7 Building Blocks of BALANCE


Nutrition and Supplements: Habits pertaining to foods, meal replacements, supplements, vitamins, and herbs. 

Take Your Health & Fitness to the Next Level

The Lifestyle Platform powered by love and balance.

This app was designed to transform lives by creating and experiencing many more magical moments that empower and inspire constant and never ending improvement with the health and fitness lifestyle of individuals and organizations.

Magical Stories

Nancy Jamison
Nancy Jamison
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This app has shown me how to keep promises to myself and by keeping those promises to myself moment by moment, day after day, my confidence has soared, my relationships are deeply connected and my body is lean & SEXY! This app is my JAM!
Abe Martinez
Abe Martinez
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Being a part of the YDBG community has helped me to find the best version of myself, experiencing consecutive wins, unexpected blessings, constant growth, love and abundance. Loving myself and accepting myself for everything that I am. This is me and this is the game, the YDBG.
Issa Simmons
Issa Simmons
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The balance game has helped me become my most empowering self, and have the ability to choose joy, even in hard circumstances.

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The 7 Building Blocks of BALANCE

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