Balance Score

Balance Score

The Balance Score (B.S.) represents the level of a Players health and fitness lifestyle over a 13 week period.

The B.S. is calculated by using the Weekly Balance Score (W.B.S.) of the last 13 weeks of a players performance.  The lowest week is dropped and the average is taken from the remaining 12 weeks.  

The Weekly Balance Score (W.B.S.) = Say/Do Ratio (see FAQ’s) x Weekly Total.  

The Weekly Total – The total number of points scored within a week on your Balance Chart


  • Beginner (BEG) Balance Score = 0 to 149 pts
  • Intermediate (INT) Balance Score = 150 to 299 pts
  • Advance (ADV) Balance Score = 300 to 449 pts
  • Professional (PRO) Balance Score = 450 to 599 pts
  • All Star (ASTAR) Balance Score = 600 plus


  • BEG Players can only choose up to 2 Habits per Building Block (See Video in FAQ’s – How to Play)
  • INT Players can only choose up to 4 Habits per Building Block
  • ADV Players can only choose up to 6 Habits per Building Block
  • PRO Players can only choose up to 8 Habits per Building Block
  • ASTAR Players can choose as many Habits as they would like per Building Block


If your score drops below the required number for a particular level, you will lose 2 of your habits in each Building Block automatically. 

We advise that you hire a coach to help you modify your Balance Chart or wait until you can edit your Balance Chart to modify it yourself. 

Theory:  In the YDBG we share a general rule of thumb with our players.  What you do over 3 months (90 days) is considered a habit.  What you do over 3 years is considered character.  The B.S. is designed to measure the strength of your habits over the last 90 days.

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