Circle Of Athletes

Circle Of Athletes

Circle of Athletes (COA) is a group of players who are assigned to the same coach. This assignment happens when you first start your Balance Chart. Once you choose the person who inspired you or referred you, you will then be added to the same COA that they are part of. If you do not have a person in mind then you will be given the option to choose a coach that inspires you.

Do I have to be part of a COA?
If you are Watcher No.
If you are a Player Yes.

Why do I have to be part of a COA?
Strictly for accountability purposes in our backend.

Does it cost to be a part of a COA?
No. It is Free.

What is the benefit of being part of a COA?
Each Coach can only see the Players who are a part of their COA. When you are in a COA a coach will be able to check on your Balance Chart activity from time to time and choose whether or not to encourage, advise, or acknowledge your efforts. Coaches are NOT required to reach out and guide anyone in their COA. Since all Coaches are independent, it is up to their sole discretion.

Do I have to know which Coach’s COA I am a part of?
No. You can choose to be mentored by any coach at any time. You can access these coaches under the discover view / coaches.

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