The 7 Building blocks of the B.A.L.A.N.C.E. lifestyle was designed to encompass any and all S.M.A.R.T. Habits (see FAQ’s) that have been created and/or are yet to be created in the world of health and fitness.  It is an ongoing evolution that is derived from a collective consciousness of players.  

B – Breath: Habits pertaining to breath work, cardio and sports agility 

Aq – Aqueous: Habits pertaining to any and all liquids that you consume (not including meal replacements)

L – Lengthen: Habits pertaining to stretching, muscle releasing and alignment  

An – Anaerobic: Habits pertaining to strengthening, explosion, calisthenics, and plyometrics,

N – Nutrition and Supplements: Habits pertaining to foods, meal replacements, supplements, vitamins, and herbs.

C – Cleanse: Habits pertaining to fasting, cleansing, colonics, detoxing, releasing emotional attachments etc.

E – Energize: Habits pertaining to sleeping, massage, energy work, healing work, intimacy, affirmations, reading etc.

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