The Object of The Game: To Make EverYDay YourDay 

 – Definition: When the health of your habits is powerful enough to create joy each and every day in the face of circumstances


The Results: Magical Moments

– Definition: The ability to influence self, others and life in an empowering way

When your Balance Chart is live you will see a series of numbers in the center of the view.  The first number is your ‘Say/Do’ ratio (See FAQ’s).  Below your ‘Say/Do’ ratio you will see your Current Weekly Score divided by the Total Score i.e. Weekly Goal that you are playing for at the beginning of each week.   Your Say/Do ratio is calculated by dividing your Current Weekly Score by your Weekly Goal


Select a building block by pressing the corresponding letter.  Notice that the name of the corresponding building block appears at the top of the view

Select the frequency indicator for the habit that you have completed and choose the number of times and press enter

You can choose to add a message or an attachment to make the habit more exciting and educational.  Attachments include audio, video and pictures.

If you have more than one habit within a Building Block that you would like to enter you can fill in multiple habits before you press submit.  

Press the submit button in the top left corner before you choose another building block.  

If you have a Magical Moment to enter then press the Magic button.  

Once you select the Magic button press the phrase that says “What is your magic?”.

Choose whether you influenced yourself, others or life.  You can select all three if you choose.

Enter your message/comment and add an attachment.  Once you are complete press submit.

You will arrive back at your Magic Que. This is where you can add more than one magical post and/or review them before you submit them. 

Return back to your Balance Chart every day and log all of the habits that you committed to making to yourself at the beginning of each week.  These habits are deposits into your emotional bank account and the higher your Say/Do ratio the more magical moments you will create and experience as you

Make EverYDay YourDay.

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