The Coach

I am a Real Estate coach that focuses on Lifestyle Coaching.

I am also being coached in lifestyle, and have been for many years.

What I love about lifestyle coaching is accountability. Accountability to myself, to others, to life. The goal-setting and weekly check-ins for my health and fitness, my career, and even my spirituality.

The Tools

The YourDay Balance Game app embodies all of that and more. It is a Health and Fitness app that is an app (actually is more than an app it’s a platform and a system) powered by love and balance. I use the app to help hold myself and others accountable to their goals. It has been an essential tool in both receiving lifestyle coaching and coaching others on lifestyle as well.

The object of that app is to make everyday YourDay – meaning that when the health of your habits is powerful enough to create joy in the face of circumstances. And that is one of the objects of Lifestyle coaching, to slowly shift one’s habits in an empowering way. For example, if you are in the habit of walking 2 mornings a week, you may want to shift that habit to 3 times a week to gain momentum in that area of your life. Habits can be around elimination or cleansing as well. For example, if you come home after work and immediately hop on social media when there are other priorities, you can shift that habit from 5 days a week to four and substitute the walk or run you had always intended on starting, but never had the ‘willpower’ to follow through with. Not only will the YouDay Balance Game App assist you with tracking your success with the habit, but then a lifestyle coach can check in on the completion rate of your habits for the week and assist you in creating and maintaining other empowering goals for the next week.

The Theory

Lifestyle coaching will assist you in goal setting, strategizing, motivation, encouragement, accountability, and communication. It will span through all areas of life. 

There is a saying: [click_to_tweet tweet=”How you do one thing is how you do everything. If your personal life is in need of an upgrade, then there is a chance that your professional life does too.” quote=”How you do one thing is how you do everything. If your personal life is in need of an upgrade, then there is a chance that your professional life does too.”] This is why holistic health and wellness are important. Your health (mental physical spiritual) is directly correlated to how and to what level you process life. How you expand (or not) your maturity. A life coach is able to find the areas in life where one has high maturity and areas of life where one has low maturity. A lifestyle coach is able to identify the areas in life where you may be challenged and also where you demonstrate higher levels of maturity and use those strengths to aid in the development of other areas.

The Environment

Outside of creating empowering habits that will slowly build over time to create empowering shifts in your life, Lifestyle Coaching can assist with identifying beliefs and values that will serve you in all areas of your life. Along with values and beliefs, other factors to be identified that aid in empowering your life are resistant values and beliefs, identifying your gifts and talents, which can feel like the same thing, but are very different. A great lifestyle coach will identify your passions and contributions to life. Create standards around your relationships, both personal and professional, A great lifestyle coach will help you to create a mission statement – a ‘north star,’ if you will, that will serve you and grow with you.