The five to ten closest people you hang around with dictate which way your life will go in five to ten years.

Will it be in the same place?

All you gotta do is take a look at the top five people that they hang around with.

So that’s part of the premise behind the ITP – Inside The Perimeter. It’s about creating this energetic circle that you connect to.

The Impact of ITP

This circle is going to impact you deeply.

Indeed, you get feedback from the other circles and people as well.

But this one is a whole different level as ITP.

ITP is going to impact your spirituality and it’s going to impact your sex life and your finances.

It’s going to impact how you spend your time and it’s going to impact how you use your resources.

So these are the things you really want to think about because these are the things that the people in this circle have access to.

From how they really influence your spirituality, to how you engage with sex. ITP holds you accountable to your sexual practices, your money, your time, and your resources.

These are all the things that a lot of people are not comfortable talking to people about.

Creating an ITP

But how do you create an ITP?

Well, you need two components to an ITP.

First, you need to create a standard.

Then you need to create responsibilities.

And you can create all kinds of standards.

For most people, it’s difficult to create standards, but it has to be done.

If you’re going to level up and level up, you’ve got to create new standards and live up to them.

And when they happen, when you create new standards, a lot of sh*t is going to happen.

Before I go into my standards, let me tell you about the pros and cons of having an ITP. 

The Pros of ITP

First of all, your ITP can be made up of family members, close friends, professionals, whoever you choose. You know, some family members won’t make it into it. Some close friends or some best friends won’t make it into it.

The pros of ITP are that these people you connect to really make you wildly successful. Also, you don’t have to feel stressed and anxious about trying to be everything for everybody.

When you create an ITP, those who have access, get the resources you allow them to get access to. And if they don’t, they don’t. You don’t have to get emotional with all your choices. You don’t have to make it personal.

Photo by Gemma Chua-Tran on Unsplash

And those that you choose, they themselves will choose whether or not if they want to be in your ITP.

Another pro is when you hold your standard, everything else shifts. Life starts moving a little more effortlessly.

You start experiencing the things you want to experience.

As you raise it up, the riff-raff fall off, the bullshit falls off.

Creating your ITP is a holistic mental health approach.

The Cons of ITP

Let’s move on to the cons.

One of the cons is that some of your best friends and some of your family members won’t make it into your ITP. Even your spouse, your significant other, a lot of times they fall out, too.

All these things are part of the price you pay when you create your ITP.

Some people make it into it. Some people don’t.

That’s what happens when you create a standard. And ITP is a standard – you are taking a stand for the new level you live at and experience and be related to.

And, sometimes, not all people will want to share your standards.

My standards

So let’s talk about some of the standards I’ve created for myself.

And the great thing about these standards when you play the game is that the game is all about giving you tools so you can create standards around it.

The game is a bunch of tools – tools that give you data.

You see, the game measures you three dimensional: your fitness, your lifestyle. and your consciousness.

That means how you move, the environment you are around, and how you relate to everything.

The game tells you what level you live in – beginner, intermediate, advanced, pro, all-star.

With this data, you can choose what level you want to live at. You can choose what level people are engaging their self-mastery.

Also, these tools will help you create more effective and powerful standards over time. Standards that are clear, concise, and quantified.

Photo by Jon Flobrant on Unsplash

However, you don’t have to use these tools, you can use whatever you want.

In my case, if someone wants to be in my ITP, they have to play the game three-dimensionally.

So whether it’s a brother, close friend, best friend, if they’re not playing three-dimensionally, then they’re not in my ITP.

They’re not the core of the biggest influence and they don’t have access to all the things I have.

So, the three dimensions in the game, means that, first, they have to have the current balance chart. Second, they have to be taking their game days every 90 days. And they also have to be getting a rating from the people around them.

So if they don’t have those three, they don’t make it into my ITP.

The next thing is when you get that third dimension measured, they calibrate you. If you’re not 350 or above you are not in my ITP. 350 is the calibration of acceptance.

Another thing I say is you’ve got to be an abundant lover. That means you choose abundant love. That’s a very specific sexual health paradigm.

Another thing is you got to have a mission statement written down if you want to be in my ITP.

So if you’re not, that’s OK. You don’t have to do any of these things. You just won’t be my ITP but I will still love you.

Now, what are some of the things you get access to when you are in my ITP?

Well, it helps govern me.

First of all, if you’re not in my ITP, you’re not going to live in my house for a long time. Sure, my kids will.

If you’re my in ITP, you can stay for extended times but I don’t want energy in my home that’s not aligned and trying to force people to do what I do. Do what you do.

Another thing, if you’re in my ITP is that I can rely on your feedback. I can hear you very clearly because I can see you and you’re working on yourself.

Another thing I put in there is that if you’re in my ITP, you could be considered to be a secondary partner. I have one primary partner and I have several secondaries. If you’re not in my ITP, you will not be a secondary partner. You’ll be a friend. I give you a hug and a kiss.

So you start getting the picture.

The idea is that you want to think ahead of time. What are the responsibilities you want to take on for those that make it into your circle?

Because that’s what ITP is about – creating standards and responsibilities.

And if life comes at 200 miles per hour, you can hold your standard.

Game on.


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