Do you know what magical moments are? Magical moments are how you influence others and yourself in an empowering way. This week, I took my game day again. A game day is the actual physical test we take to really see what level we’re producing and we’re able to manifest this thing called performance. And the game day is measured in four quarters.

The Game’s Quarters

The first quarter is body composition. So you measure your body composition. When our body weight is higher, we are always carrying more, which is unnecessary. And that’s what happens in life. We always carry so much more and it’s really not necessary. But we haven’t learned how to let go of it. We are just attached in the past and just carry it with us in the future. So, whether it’s extra weight be it fat or muscle, in the end, it’s extra weight. And the idea is to be mindful of what your play weight is so you can get clear on where you’re at and what you’re really doing and not sit in denial. So that’s the first quarter body composition. The second quarter is strength. And we test the function and the strength of your body – how much power you move with your body. The next one is cardio and that’s for conditioning. You know, your ability to stay present. A lot of times when you’re moving, over long distances of time at a certain pace, you tend to want to jump too far ahead and you tend to lose your presence.

Photo by Cameron Venti on Unsplash

Those who are best at going long distances are the ones who can stay present. So that’s a cardio test – your ability to be present. And the last is flexibility. So when all those are put together, you get your feedback score. And right now, my last game day’s score was ‘pro 81’. ‘Pro’ is the fourth of the total five levels: beginner, intermediate, advanced, pro, or all-star. I’ve been in the 80s for a while, which is pretty high profile and far above. Another thing is that during these last 90 days, I was doing some handstands and I tweaked my neck so I wasn’t really pressing as much on my handstands and I was misaligned to my neck and it caused me a loss of power in that area. So all those are factors going into this game. Because in each game day, the game is just as big to avoid injuries and stay healthy as it is to get stronger and improve. So if you’re subconsciously the type of person who attracts these injuries and these breakdowns, then you’re going to have a hard time sustaining this game because you’ve got to stay healthy in order to go into game days every 90 days. So overall, I’ve recovered well, and I’ll stay be able to keep my skill relatively close. Last time I scored 83, this time I scored 81. However, the areas that I lost a point in were associated with my neck. So I appreciate the whole thing and it’s humbling. And I guess I get to get back in there this next 90 days and heal up and tweak and create a new outcome. So that was very magical for me. My game day.

A Magic Team

The next magical moment is how the core team is really showing up right now. We’ve galvanized at a level of synergy and courage that I’ve not seen before. And this team is just really showing up consistently; it puts that time and effort to make sure that this game is taken to the world in a powerful way. We recently got off the call with one of our programmers and the owner of the tech company we are working with emailed me. He said, “the passion of your team just makes me honored to be on this project and work with you”. He really felt the passion and the purpose of the team as he met each of the players. We’ve been working with this amazing programming team for three years and a lot of my team members have been with me for five years and longer. So he’s able to really see their level of commitment because he understands this level of commitment. And it really inspired him. It was magical to see the power and the passion and the galvanization of the team.

A Magic Family

The last piece of magic is when my grandmother transcended. I wasn’t expecting it because we had a magical vacation in Bali where she was doing yoga with us for an hour and a half and climbing up and down mountains. But, eventually, her breath stopped and she transcended. And it was just so magical how the whole family came together to really honor my grandmother. And so we’re going to really have a major celebration for her and for the legacy and the empire she’s spawned by creating my father and what he’s done. So everything is just really energizing. Myself personally, the core team, and my external and extended family as well. Everything is really coming together like concentric circles and it’s very magical to be in this moment in life. And so I extend that to you, too. You can create a different outcome in your life by starting off with yourself. By making sure you put those deposits into your self-worth and build your self-worth. Make those deposits. Play the game and start making every day your day.   If you liked this post, make sure to read A Health And Fitness Framework That’s Transformational And Sustainable.