It’s all about sustaining. And one thing we’re clear about is that in order for you to sustain, you’ve got to return back to your center. Before we go into the fitness framework, let’s talk about your balance.

Your Balance

And that’s all balance really is: returning back to your center. Balance promotes your holistic wellness. On top of that, we like to say returning back here, principal center. A lot of us have different centers. Our family is probably the highest ideal of a center. Work can sometimes be the center of our world.

Money, kids, spouses, enemies – we can have many different types of centers that really power us. And what a center does when we have something that center says, that’s where we get all of our power from. That’s where we get our guidance from – our wisdom, our ability to act. 

So, our security, our power, our wisdom, and our guidance comes from whatever we deem as our center. In YDBG we like to use the seven habits a lot to guide us towards effective habits.

And the most effective center is the principal center. So the game is built around that principle because he or she who returns back to their balance the quickest, wins. And that’s almost like a principle. That means he or she who takes care of the golden egg and golden goose moment to moment will tend to go the longest. So that’s a very powerful universal principle.

You can either accept or deny – it’s up to you. However, if you align with that, you’ll find that you’ll have access to a lot more power in your life called sustainability. You might just stick around a little longer.

Back to what I want to talk about today and that understanding and that paradigm of what it takes to go long.

The Health & Fitness Framework

We said there are six frameworks. The six frameworks six, also known as the size Fs are faith, family, friends, fitness, finance, and fun.

So within the six FS, let’s talk about fitness and some basic ideas of what that means when we say you want to make sure you have a health and fitness framework inside your lifestyle. Because if you don’t, there’s a lot of experiences that you might not have and that you can’t cut short.

In other words, the framework for a sustainable life gets a little bit challenged, weak and fragile. Going long and having a sustainable life tends to ebb a little bit and be compromised.

That’s the whole game.

The game is what you put in that framework. You just got to stick to your balance game and put it right into that framework. Just get in there, start playing. And as you get more advanced, more powerful in it, you’ll understand it and it will take care of everything for you.

Photo by Simon Migaj on Unsplash

That’s one of the greatest frameworks. There’s a lot of great frameworks out there. The YDBG is one of the greatest frameworks you can use for your health and fitness. It’s really more than just health and fitness but we keep it simple with the six F’s.

Why is that? Because in this framework called the YDGB, Your Daily Balance Game, we look at health and fitness as three-dimensional. And you want to make sure that you’re addressing all three dimensions.

So the first dimension is movement. The next dimension is lifestyle. Just everything from your environment. Both your internal and external environments make up your lifestyle. Lastly, your consciousness.

That means the awareness of your relationship. Not just your relationship to everything. Rather, your awareness of your relationship to everything as consciousness. That right there can impact your health fitness more than your fitness and lifestyle.

So the game creates a new paradigm in which to look at your health of fitness. Expand your map of consciousness. Ask yourself – am I taking care of my fitness, my lifestyle, my consciousness? And then the question is to what level?

So within each of the dimensions, here are just five levels of which you can really play. You can play a beginner level, intermediate, advanced pro, or all-star. And so it is up to you to understand what those levels are.

Those levels are also known as states. I like to call them states state because at each state you tend to oscillate and go up and down. If you go up too high or too low, you go to the next state. I don’t know if there’s such thing as “too high”, but if you get up high enough, you get to the next state.

Likewise, if you go too low there is another state. The idea is to live in a state that works for you. A state that you feel is your greatest experience of this life. And I’m here to tell you that the higher the state you go, the more powerful the experience can be. And the greater the responsibility, too.

So the higher you go in the state in which you match yourself and take care of your health the less the ego wins and the more the spirit thrives and leads. The spirit doesn’t need a whole lot to flourish.

On the other hand, the ego wants a whole lot; it thinks it needs everything, Thus the unhealthiness, the blocks, the attachments. all the things we do in the physical world that tend to weigh us down. But it’s part of the experience. It’s a playground for the ego. And the ego loves it and thrives off it.

And that’s why this is one of the greatest games you’ll use to really take care of the whole breadth of your health and fitness.

Now, within what we call the balanced lifestyle, there’s a way we look at it in a balanced way. So what’s a balanced approach to moving? What is a balanced approach to a lifestyle? What is a balanced approach to your consciousness? You need to have what we call the seven building blocks that spell BALANCE.

Accordingly, these are Breath, Aqueous, Lengthen, Anaerobic, Nutrition, Cleanse, Energy, and Magic. So within the lifestyle, you just want to make sure you have a habit that you do in each one of those blocks throughout the week. It doesn’t have to be done every day but it has to be throughout the week.

Now, let’s take a look at our body composition. Let’s ask ourselves. Am I at my play weight? Because a lot of times we justify why we are too light or too heavy. Our job is to find the point where we are the healthiest. The point where we’re not on one extreme of anorexia and we’re not on the other extreme of obesity.

We’re right in the middle of what feels healthy for our body so we could do all the functions we love doing; an ideal body weight. Going up in the mountains, making love, working, playing with the kids, without carrying unnecessary weight throughout the whole process.

At the same time, depending on some of the other games that we play, people tend to be excessive with their weight or underweight because there’s a lot of games we play that don’t necessarily translate to our health. They translate to what we want or fun or not caring – all kinds of things. L

ife is a balanced perspective, the balanced approach to consciousness. That is a framework I highly recommend.

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