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I thought I needed the discipline to keep a healthy lifestyle but this app showed me that what I needed was actually something to make a healthy lifestyle fun and look like a game. First time I manage to lose weight and it didn’t feel like trying…
This app makes accountability fun! The gamification of the habits I choose helps keep me moving forward.
When I first got on this app, I had 2 small children & was 50 pounds overweight, it was time to get my body back! What happened as a result of me using this app was totally unexpected...
I love how easy it is to monitor and track my progress and stay accountable. I love being able interact with other players/watchers. The app keeps me inspired and I’m excited to see how it will flourish in the future!
Pandora is Life
OMG! This app has completely changed my life. There are a lot of FITNESS apps. This one not only tracks "what I do", it is helping me to develop the personal character needed to sustain the life I am creating...
Tracey Knight
Totally amazing how just changing a few small habits every week can lead to such monumental difference over time. Love the ease of set up and use of this app and the ability to take pics and videos and share with others. One of my everyday 'go to' apps.
Bill Jamison
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