Being in Denial

De·ni·al (diˈnīəl) —n: a protective mechanism of the mind (ego) that really wants something to be true that is not true.
 — YourDay

Everyone is operating under some form of denial. When you engage with denial it will be a lengthy confrontation in which the ego will deploy all forms of defenses, i.e., minefields (mind-fields), to defend its existence by any means necessary. Feedback guides us through the mind-fields, minimizing the destructive consequences of contact with the mine (mind).

The solution is consistent healthy feedback from an experienced guide or expert, who is currently at a level of power or result greater than your own in that particular area of business, life, or relationship.


There are several tell-tale signs that affirm you are in denial in a particular area: 

1. You continue to put in the work but the results are greatly delayed if achieved at all.
When you think you understand what it takes to achieve your goals but you continue on with your ineffective habits.
Refusing and/or not openly receiving effective, healthy feedback.


4. You believe you are doing everything you can but the results are still greatly delayed if achieved at all.
When you think you can make it through without another set of eyes from experienced guides or experts giving you weekly and sometimes daily feedback.
6. When you attract a coach and deny their coaching.
7. When you attract a coach and only surrender to what you already know and know that you can do (little faith).

Choice and Consequence:

Having attained this level of awareness, it now stands to reason that it boils down to two inherent choices:

Choice: Defend Denial 

Consequence: Attract the same results


Choice: Surrender to Feedback 

Consequence: Create new results

Manifesto Finito

According to David R. Hawkins in Power vs. Force, “[with acceptance, there is emotional calm and perception is widened as denial is transcended. One now sees things without distortion or misinterpretation; the context of experience is expanded so that one is capable of “seeing the whole picture.” Acceptance has to do essentially with balance, proportion, and appropriateness.” (Hawkins, David R. (2013-08-01). Power vs. Force: The Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior, author’s Official Revised Edition (Kindle Locations 1131-1133). Kindle Edition.) 

Initially, the new concepts and ideas suggested in this book will understandably be met by your resistance; but, as you begin to discern the essence of the truth contained within the stories and the contents of this book, your perception will be expanded to a greater level of awareness. Your discernment will come from the biology of your cells as they communicate to you the truth of your healing from experiencing. The awakening will happen in your body more than in your mind. You will come to understand that this awakening is a true gift and that the essence of any gift is to share it with others