Stacey's Story

“I can’t breathe, my throat is closing up, and my stomach is in knots…”

These were the words that Stacey shared with us on her first day. She was in the middle of the chaos with no clear path out.

Stacey had a public divorce that was painful. She had years of addiction and low self-worth that spiraled into unhealthy and codependent relationships. Let’s just say she hit rock bottom.

Today Stacey has the tools, the confidence and the team to get above the clouds daily.

Stacey has been cigarette and tobacco free, after 30 years of habitual smoking. She has lost over 30 pounds. She created a new career and lifestyle for herself. She even has a productive and collaborative co-parenting relationship with her ex-husband.

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Love and Joy,

The YourDay Balance Game Team

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