Pro 56


Sarah Bivens

Balance Status-

Personal Feed-



Fitness ScorePro 68

Horse Power27.2

PC7 out of 20

As Head Coach of Lifestyle Coaching, Sarah leads other balanced lifestyle coaches in utilizing the YDBG for their clients and businesses, as well as researching and curating habits that make up the Balance Chart.

A YDBG-certified balanced lifestyle coach, Sarah specializes her coaching in helping mothers balance out the experience of motherhood with being a turned on woman. She works with women from preconception to postpartum and empty nests, providing them with the tools and accountability they need to be their best.

She lives in Marietta, GA with her husband Matthew and their daughter Maya. You can learn more about Sarah and everything she’s up to on her website and follow her on Instagram @sarahmbivens

Sarah’s Mission Statement:

To be the Badass Goddess in exquisite execution of balanced lifestyle; acknowledging and honoring my divine feminine source and owning my power to co-create, while intimately connecting to others through love, service, nurturing and healing; exploring and being what’s possible, attuned to the abundance of the Universe and answering its call with a joyful and faithful heart that generates orgasmic and sustainable health and wealth

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