Pro 59


Matthew Bivens

Balance Status-

Personal Feed-



Fitness ScorePro 83

Horse Power33.2

PC9 out of 20

Matthew’s Bio:
Matthew is the VP of UI/UX at YourDay Balance Game, where he is responsible for managing the app development process to ensure the best overall experience for users. Matthew is also a Balance Lifestyle Coach, helping people to live with more confidence, purpose and balance.

He’s the host of the top Self Help podcast Having It A.L.L., and the co-host of the groundbreaking parenting podcasting Doing It At Home. One of Matthew’s BHAGs (Big Hairy Audacious Goals) is to transform 1 million lives by elevating their consciousness, optimizing their lifestyle, and upgrading their fitness.

Matthew’s Mission Statement:
To play the game of experiencing life each and every day in full Beast Mode, with humility and childlike faith, while being authentic with my voice and choice and being ALL in, as I surrender to a life of principles, love and balance, in order to transform fear to love and scarcity to abundance, as I flow in the conviction of Peace.

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