Adv 72


Chanda Leigh

Balance Status-

Personal Feed-



Fitness ScoreAdv 82

Horse Power24.9

PC7 out of 20

Chanda’s Bio:

As the dynamic lead singer of 3D The Boss, C.Lei Boss Lady is a passionate lover of life whose vocal talents as a singer, rapper, songwriter, and a multi-instrumentalist continue to imprint a new paradigm of Health, Fitness, Love and Balance on the music scene.

She is as multidimensional in her personal life as she is on stage. A mother of three beautiful children and spouse to Day Adeogba, Creator of the YourDay Balance Game, C.Lei is equally passionate about yoga, cooking, and fiction writing.

A classically trained pianist, The Boss Lady also has a 4 octave range, can impersonate several dialects and rap in Jamaican Patois. The 46 years ‘young’ athlete is an overall Advanced player and Balanced Lifestyle Coach for the YDBG. In her free time she also coaches aspiring artists to improve their healthy self talk and on stage performance by teaching piano, voice and a balanced lifestyle.

Chanda’s Mission Statement:

To imbue the mellifluous notes of life passionately, intentionally creating all that I desire to experience, fully trusting its process with humor and childlike faith, smiling inwardly as I beam forth joy and love filling the hearts of many while I stand firmly on the YDBG platform choosing to become the greatest version of myself inspiring a familial legacy of compassionate possibility, spiritual freedom and contextual healing.

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