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Anthony Strayhdorn

Balance Status-

Personal Feed-



Fitness ScoreAS 53

Horse Power39.8

PC11 out of 20

Anthony’s Bio:
Anthony Valentino Strayhorn is a 38 year old native of Fayetteville,NC. He has a B.S. Degree in Chemical Engineering and practiced in the corporate world for 7 years as a design and process engineer before becoming a personal trainer and transformation coach in 2012.

Since then, he’s been a full-time health and wellness entrepreneur and continues to embody the possibility of a balanced and sustainable transformational experience. Currently, Anthony trains and coaches individuals and small groups in the areas of lifestyle empowerment coaching and personal training.

His dedication, focus, and commitment to health and wellness is evident with how he inspires others to live a balanced and harmonious lifestyle. Simply put, he’s a person who loves connecting and helping others with their own journey of transformation.
Some of Anthony’s favorite pastimes include hiking, exercising, reading magazines, dancing, traveling, going to the movies, listening to live music, attending music festivals, metaphysics, the arts (all mediums), and networking.

Anthony has lived in a few different states across the country that include Pennsylvania, Texas, North Carolina and Georgia. He has also lived in Italy for 3 years during his earlier years as a teenager and learned to speak Italian fairly well while living there. Other countries that Anthony has traveled to include Canada, Germany, Holland, England, Switzerland, Brazil, Grande Cayman Island, Haiti, Mexico, and Jamaica. His dream trips will be to travel to New Zealand, India, The Cook Islands, Greenland, Iceland, Africa, and China.

Anthony’s Mission Statement:
To consciously create communities of sustainable health, balance, and abundance that cultivates intimacy, healing, and connection among those I’m inspired to live life with. To be a source of authentic expression, infectious courage, abundant love, gratitude, empathy, and dynamic flow.

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