Tina's Story

One of the patterns we see as a result of codependent habits and relationships is insecurity. This is linked with low self-worth, uncertainty, anxiety and lack of confidence.

Insecurity can also look like an identity crisis. Questions like “Who am I?” and “What am I doing?” and even “What am I doing all of this for, anyway?”

Tina has been in the YourDay Balance Game coaching programs for a few years now, and within that time she has addressed issues around insecurity to create a true sense of self and sustainable success.

According to her, she “had it all.” But still something was off. She found herself chasing the kind of success that didn’t truly fulfill her.

If you’ve followed along with the other stories I’ve shared with you this week, you’ll see how interconnected these obstacles from codependency are. They magnify and play off of each other. There’s the uncertainty, the anxiety, the lack of confidence, the burnout, overwhelm which can create addictions and depression (which we’ll get into tomorrow).

After doing the transformation work in the YDBG programs, Tina’s motto is “health is the greatest wealth.”

This is where the real security and success is built.

And what made the difference in this program versus others she had used? The consistency of the coaches and the commitment to walking the talk, continuing to work on their own self-worth.

When she looks back at what she’d say to herself at the beginning of her journey in the programs – “Don’t think so much…go for it!”

Are you ready to go for it? You don’t have to go through an identity crisis, or keep experiencing one, to create the shift you need in your life.

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