Stacey's Story

Here we have another story that highlights the dangers of codependency, this time in the area of narcissism. You might have seen the term “narcissism” thrown around a lot when it comes to unhealthy relationships. It’s become a bit of a buzzword.

Simply put: it’s the extreme fixation on the self that completely disregards impact or connection with others. And this can take on many variations and create many different results.

For Stacey, this looked like a high-profile divorce that in many ways was worse than death.

Even though from the outside it seemed like the dream life: lucrative career that came with fame and praise, the power couple relationship, happy kids, lots of friends and a full social calendar.

All of the trappings of keeping up with the Joneses, yet something was going on underneath. A storm was brewing. There was a lot going on behind the scenes. And it was painful. Very painful.

Stacey would go on to hit rock bottom. Her marriage and career were over, and her health was suffering.

And all of this can be traced back to the codependent habits within her relationship that triggered narcissistic behaviors like lack of empathy and excessive need for attention and validation.

Stacey found the YourDay Balance Game coaching programs, and leaned into a process of self-love and self-worth.

The results have been truly magical:

  • She is over 1 year cigarette and tobacco-free (after 35 years of smoking)
  • She has lost over 30 lbs.
  • She has a productive and collaborative co-parenting relationship in her family
  • She carved out a new, thriving career for herself as a real estate agent, speaker and writer
  • She is connected with a community of like-minded and open-hearted people who support her
  • She feels true joy in her life


If any of the results that Stacey has experienced inspire you to create your own success story, then you can still claim your free gift by filling out this survey. Once you’ve filled out the survey, we’ll hop on a call to discuss specific challenges you are facing, and what we can do to create breakthroughs around them.

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