Jim's Story

Meet Jim.

Jim had all the trappings of what society dictates as successful. A thriving plastic surgery practice and med spa businesses, international acclaim in his field, over 30 years of marriage and 6 children.

But he hit a wall.

The intense focus on the monetary and social aspects of success left him disconnected from his body, his relationships and his life.

His emotional and spiritual health was suffering. He was holding himself back from experiencing his true highest potential.

In summary: JIM WAS BURNT OUT.

He realized that he needed to look beyond the facade of his life and get in touch with what really matters.

It was costing him dearly to live from a value-centered, codependent place versus a principle-centered place.

By using society’s measure of success, he was missing out on the real success: having deep and meaningful connections with himself, others and life.

Being driven by financial gain and codependent tendencies, living so much in his head and shutting down from his emotions, he created a false sense of happiness.

The old way of living could only last for so long. What else could it cost if it carried on?

Would it be possible after so many years of rigidity, to experience balance and joy?

After doing the work of principle-centered living, from the accountability of group and one-on-one coaching programs, Jim had his big breakthrough. He was able to increase his bandwidth while loving himself through the process.

By committing to the work, he became a more effective leader – coming from a conscious place and aiming to connect with people on a deeper level. Everyone around him started noticing how much more joy they were experiencing from just being around him. His relationships were recharged and revitalized.

Jim’s advice for others in similar positions to where he was before entering the coaching programs?

“Believe in it! Trust!”

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