Christy's Story

Christy had a number of life experiences that brought her to a place of feeling like a lonely martyr.

She put everyone else’s needs before her own. She had a strong “just get it done” attitude. She defaulted to what she thought she was supposed to do: what was presumably expected of her and what would ultimately please others.

She became a workaholic who turned to food to satiate the loneliness and cope with all the internal things that she wasn’t dealing with.

After the death of her mother, Christy was in a deep place of grief. It amplified all of the ineffective and unhealthy aspects of her life. It was time for a massive shift. For her own well-being and for healing in her family.

Christy discovered that there were very heavy costs to continuing to live the way she was living.

She found herself at a point where she could choose something different. She could choose herself and her own healing.

The coaching, support and accountability of the YDBG programs gave Christy a space to move through things and to move forward.

Some of the big breakthroughs Christy experienced:

  • Family and generational healing
  • Understanding more about herself
  • Setting standards (boundaries) and bringing clarity to her relationships
  • Embracing her gifts and seeing how powerful she is
  • Learning about principles and how they can guide her life

Now Christy is passionate about sharing what she has learned with others and committing herself to her own growth.

And one of her big takeaways?

“Transformation is not comfortable!”

Christy is a great example of how embracing and leaning into the discomfort can yield incredible results.

Where can you lean in?

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