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"I released 37lbs and stopped smoking because I am worth it!"

6,348 Hours Played

Stacey Weiss, Realtor

“I finally learned how to love myself after my divorce. I now manage anxiety and stressors without cigarettes or a drink.”

"I am more connected
to those I love"

8,106 Hours Played

Dr. Jim Namnoum, Plastic Surgeon

“I now listen to my wife from my heart because I am learning to fall in love with me.”

"I have let go of my co-dependent relationship"

20,921 Hours Played

Christy Robinson, CEO of Creative Resourcing

“By letting go of an unhealthy relationship, I let go of 40lbs of body fat.”

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Sarah Bivens

55,628 Hours Played

Pro Level Player

“I started a home birth movement that has empowered over 100,000 men and women to trust their bodies”

Matthew Bivens

59,489 Hours Played

Pro Level Player

“I created a podcast that has over 2,000,000 downloads, inspiring men and women to have it all”

Chanda Adeogba

86,237 Hours Played

Pro Level Player

“My love of self now flows through my voice as I sing. The top Bishop of the Episcopal church requests my voice and presence”

Real People! Real Success Stories!

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Saint Day Adeogba

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From the president of Blue Cross Blue Shield to NFL players and celebrities, Saint Day Adeogba has been coaching highly successful people on finding balance and falling in love with themselves for over 25 years.  With over 100,000 hours playing, living and coaching the YourDay Balance Game, Saint Day Adeogba leads his team from the front.

From the president of Blue Cross Blue Shield to NFL players and celebrities, Saint Day Adeogba has been coaching highly successful people on finding balance and falling in love with themselves for over 25 years.  With over 100,000 hours playing, living and coaching the YourDay Balance Game, Saint Day Adeogba leads his team from the front.

Your Values are Causing Your Breakdowns

Give me a second to explain…

Values are like maps.  They are an interpretation of how someone sees the territory i.e the world.  They are not the actual territory.

Every one of the major values that we subscribe to are built on the thoughts and beliefs of other people.  So your values are dependent on the values of others.  We call this Value-Centered.

Relying on society’s beliefs to govern the success of your life is a great risk with costly odds.  Our society as a whole is unhealthy and disconnected.  It can be measured in the fact that 70% of Americans are overweight and obese.

Over 50% of marriages end in divorce and for those who stay married, the majority are living compromised and defensive lives.

Levels Of Com Graph

The biggest culprit to the common decline in your relationship with your body and with others is codependency

When we are born, the first thing our parents do when we cry is put a nipple or a bottle in our mouths.  At that point we become dependent on food to sooth our pains. 

At the same time, when a couple gets married, they come into the relationship as independent people (or so they think) only to grow emotionally codependent with their partner’s affection, attitude and affirmations over time.  

You then remain in a low-trust relationship because of the shame, guilt and failure that society has taught you about divorce.   

You have never been truly independent in how you see yourself and how you show up in your intimate relationships.  It has always been a false independence which is called codependency.

And the best results that you can ever achieve from codependency is compromised health and compromised relationships.

The only way to achieve synergy is through independence.  The only way to become truly independent is to become Principle-Centered

Principle-Centered Living is True Independence

Principles are the Territory.  They are universal laws that govern us all to a more effective way of living.  They apply to us all whether we like it or not and whether we believe it or not.  

The 3 Dimensions that apply to us all are Fitness, Lifestyle and Consciousness.  If you ignore any of these 3 Dimensions then your life force will deteriorate and your relationships will follow.

When you design and build your values on principles you are no longer controlled by the beliefs and thoughts of others.  

We call it Principle-Centered Independence.

Our 3D Principle-Centered Coaching Program is the solution to declaring your True Independence.

You will be able to design a life that is abundant with health, fitness, love and balance. 

Your self-worth will soar and your relationships will follow. 

As you become more powerful, centered and in love with yourself, others and life, your purpose becomes crystal clear.  

Hold on…I know what you’re thinking

Coaching? I need therapy!

Allow me to clarify…

Therapy is a great tool for learning and being understood.  

Coaching is a great tool for training and taking action.  

I am NOT saying to forget about counseling and therapy, I am saying that therapy is unique from coaching and if you do not understand the difference you can spend a lot of money and still not have much Success

I have been a coach for over 25 years and I have come to accept that fact that a lot of people just want to learn with no intentions of taking action.  

It is like the college student who graduates from one program to the next and never takes their skill to the world.

Or the self-help enthusiast who buys all the books and reads them and does not apply any of the knowledge.

Finally it is like the entrepreneur who takes all of the personal development classes to end up working for other people because they never convict the belief in themselves. 

Do not be alarmed, if you are this person, a great place to start is our 3D Principle-Centered Self Mastery Class. 

So are you ready to learn what it takes to live a principle-centered life?

The 3D Principle-Centered Self-Mastery Blueprint

Here’s what you will learn in this masterclass

Over 30 years of insight packaged up into a 2 hour master class, which will give you the blueprint for the Big "S" Success!

In this Self-Mastery class we cover the whole blueprint for living a principle-centered life in 4 distinct modules






The introduction video is a powerful perspective that will assist you in understanding how the modules connect to each other with a common theme:

  • Gameology = How the module connects to your life
  • Measurement = How we create a level of accountability and feedback that is real and quantifiable
  • Improvement = The win/win process that we designed to take you to the next level 


This module will teach you how vital it is to measure your margin and understand how to use it wisely.

It will show you how to:

  • Understand how your physical performance ties in with your capacity to do all the things you do in life
  • Avoid burnout from all the responsibilities and life circumstances
  • Incorporate basic fitness habits to have significant and sustainable impact in your health


This module will teach you how to create a trust account that you can grow and use for the rest of your life.

It helps you answer the questions:

  • Can I count on myself?
  • What is my level of trustworthiness?
  • How do I make deposits and build that trust?
  • What habits are best for me and what I’m trying to achieve in life?


This module will teach you how to make sense of so much of the chaos in your life by providing guidelines that will turn chaos into clarity, as you make the most difficult choices in your life.

You will be equipped to:

  • Handle the chaos, stress and circumstances that life throws at you
  • Balance your roles and responsibilities in a way that gives back to you and others
  • Match your outer success with the inner success of joyful and peaceful living

The 3D Principle-Centered
Self-Mastery Blueprint





2 Coaching Sessions with Day ($600 Value)

When you purchase the masterclass today you also get two 30 min COACHING SESSIONS with Day Adeogba! In these sessions, Day will help you connect the lessons from the masterclass to your life and get you moving towards your True Independence!


If you make it to both of your coaching calls and implement everything in the blueprint videos, and you don’t feel a new possibility for your life, send us an email at and receive a full refund right away! No questions asked. 

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