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Anaerobic Exercise for bigger kids

Exercise has a huge impact on the overall health of a child. Go for a walk, Go for a run. Lift weights or strength train. Set up an obstacle course, do timed sprints, relay races or run up & down the stairs.


yoga is available at every level and is a brilliant method of calming for kids. BONUS: Teaching downward dog, child’s pose, headstands or handstands is calming for kids because being inverted offers a new perspective on the circumstance.


Feet, hand, arm, calf, shoulder, neck  or scalp massage is a wonderful calming method for kids as its very soothing and gentle. Add essential oil like peppermint or lavender to your favorite oil. Our oil preference is either grapeseed, coconut or apricot oil.

Get Creative

Color in coloring books, draw the feelings and emotions on blank paper, write creative stories, play with kinetic sand, modeling clay or play-dough, create chalk drawings or use chalk to write or draw on the fence

While In School

Create a “Do Not Disturb” tent card for your desk, letting others know you need some space and you’re doing your best to concentrate.

Fuzzy Dice

Roll a pair dice, how many rolls does it take to get to 20, 50, 100 points?

Alone Time

“I need some space.” Never underestimate the need to be alone as a calming method for kids. There is a lot of power in that statement for the child. It allows them to vocalize what they need and feel independent when the space is given to them. 

Keep a few Gadgets

Pick up a Fidget spinner, squeeze a stress ball, drool all over a human chew toy – these are all great methods of calming for kids.

Joke books

Get a variety of joke books including knock knock jokes, dad jokes, mom jokes. Take turns telling each other jokes. Laughter is calming for kids, teens and adults!

Head to the kitchen

Bake chocolate chip cookies, Bake brownies, or bake bread which allow the child to use their hands for kneading the dough. Another great idea is to make breakfast for dinner!

Make tea & set up a tea service

Making a cup of chamomile or mint tea is a favorite method of calming the kids around our house. We set up a tray with honey, vanilla almond milk and our favorite mugs, add our choice of tea and usually sit on the floor in front of the fireplace (YES, even if it’s Summer!) to take a few peaceful moments. Parent Tip: This is also an excellent way to wind down after a school day and get grounded into the afternoon activities.

Build a Fort

Moving the pent up energy out of the body and into creating a cushion fort is calming for kids. It creates the space for using the imagination, playful scenarios and a number of different “fort” configurations.  Siblings & parents can become involved in this activity as well.

Yell into a pillow or your favorite blanket

and the action of punching the pillows is very therapeutic as well. 

Shake a glitter jar:

This craft is simple, quick and easy to make as it only requires water, craft glue, your favorite color of glitter and a small ball jar with a lid. The activity of making the craft is soothing as well. Once you have completed the craft, shaking a glitter jar vigorously exerts the emotional energy and watching the glitter settle to the bottom is very calming for kids. Again, it’s focusing the attention onto being “present” with the falling glitter, creating serenity. BONUS: this serves as a great classroom activity or for gift giving for teachers, family & friends


By far, the most powerful habit that is calming for kids (and adults too) is expressing gratitude. This can be done through writing, vocalization, drawing, singing and it can be completed together or independently. There is an abundance of things you can express gratitude for: your health, body, environment, prosperity, food, shelter, air you breathe, just to name a few. By expressing gratitude, you are planting seeds of more abundance to come your way. What you focus on expands and therefore appreciating the magnificence in your life, will therefore create more of abundance.

Let’s continue the conversation! What are fun & creative ways you use that are calming for kids?